The headteacher channels his inner Adele / Mosesbrownschoolnews via YouTube

Video gathers close to 200,000 views in just 4 days, whereas Adele's surpasses 1 billion in 3 months

For many of us, those days of waking up for school and finding out the snow and bad weather had forced teachers to close for the day were the days to remember. Oh, how we wish cancellations had been revealed like this, though.

The headteacher at Moses Brown School in Rhode Island, the US, has become the Internet’s hero after announcing students should stay at home for the day - by releasing a parody video of Adele’s hit ‘Hello’.

Aptly rewritten - and filmed in sepia-tones with some pretty heavy emotions - Matt Glendinning very cleverly has some fun with the British singer’s video. Entitled ‘Hello, School is Closed’, he begins: “Hello, it’s Matt.”

Hello, School is Closed:

He continues: “I was wondering if you’ve seen the whiteness on the streets outside? It’s all over - everything. They said it wasn’t supposed to sit, but instead it’s two-feet deep.” Genius.

Naturally, the pupils in the video are completely distraught the school has been closed because of snowfall and are seen to bang on the buildings doors and comfort each other when they aren’t opened. Mr Glendinning adds: “I’m sorry, students, if it breaks your heart. But don’t come in today, don’t even try, we’re closed.”

It ends with a family receiving a phone call in the future to inform them the school is now open, to which the children cheer and dance. Another teacher, on the other hand, is distraught with the news.

And if things couldn’t get even more hilarious, it seems it’s not the first time the singer/headteacher has released a music video to announce closure due to bad weather. Just check out his parody cover of ‘Let it Go’ from last year with gathered a not-too-shabby almost four million hits:

The ‘Hello’ parody has, so far, gathered an impressive 195,000 views on YouTube in just four days. Adele’s, on the other hand, has over a billion after three months. So, maybe Mr Glendinning’s has just a bit more catching up to do. However, we’re already looking forward to the school’s next snow day.