St Andrews University to offer students option to live in alcohol-free flats

The university's students' association successfully campaigned for the change

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The University of St Andrews is giving students the option to live in alcohol-free apartments, in a bid to accommodate those who don’t drink for religious or health reasons.

A spokeswoman for the institution said that the option reinforces positive behaviour.

The move means undergraduates who opt to live in University of St Andrews residences will be able to express a preference for an alcohol-free apartment on their accommodation application form.

Students whose applications are accepted will be offered a dorm room at the David Russell or Fife Park apartments, in five-person ensuite flats. Before they move in, they will be asked to enter into an agreement not to drink alcohol inside their flat.

The change follows successful lobbying by the university’s students’ association.

The institution said the offer is subject to availability and dependent on how popular it is.

It comes after Durham University announced a £50,000 campaign to "promote positive drinking behaviours" after a third student was killed by falling into the River Wear, the Palatinate newspaper reported.

A spokeswoman for the university said: “The University of St Andrews is committed to creating a safe, healthy, and inclusive campus experience for all of our students.

"We know that not all students drink alcohol. What's more, we believe student learning lasts a lifetime; so reinforcing positive behaviours during this period of development can have a lasting influence.

"We're proud that our students' association is working to shape new attitudes towards responsible alcohol consumption and making our student experience more inclusive.

"We want our students to think about their lifestyle choices, and to support the choices of others.

"That's why, following discussions with the students' association, the university will be offering undergraduate students an option of living in alcohol-free accommodation. The offer will be subject to availability and dependent on how popular this type of accommodation is."

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