Students at the London School of Economics do not give quality of teaching a high rating / Oli Scarff/Getty Images

London School of Economics was in the bottom 20 for student satisfaction

Are students most satisfied at the universities which are the hardest to get into?

The answer is no, according to The Complete University Guide’s 2016 league table.

Ranking as the third best university in the league table, the London School of Economics has the fourth highest entry standard with a UCAS tariff score of 532.

But despite its high ranking, students at London School of Economics are not so happy. They have given it 3.95 out of five for student satisfaction - measured through student views on the the quality of teaching they receive - placing it in the bottom 20 for the category.


The situation is similar at University College London which ranks at 13 in the league table - it has the seventh highest entry standard but student satisfaction is just 3.96 out of five.



Some universities, however, are easier to get into, have higher levels of student satisfaction and are still ranked high up in the league table.

The University of Surrey is the eighth best university according the guide, with a lower entry standard of 424 UCAS tariff score and students rating their satisfaction as 4.24 out of five – the fourth highest for the category (joint with the University of Bath).