Will Ferrell dressed as news anchor Ron Burgundy / Reuters

Legendary fake news presenter to make real-life appearance

A small college in Boston, Massachussetss has promised to name itself after the famous – if fictional – American TV news anchorman, Ron Burgundy.

Emerson College is set to rechristen itself the “Ron Burgundy College of Communication” for one day only, as it welcomes the man himself, played by actor Will Ferrell, on to campus on 4 December.

But while Ron Burgundy isn’t really a legendary San Diegan newsman, so much as a character from a popular comic movie, Emerson is doing its best to pretend he is.

“I had to pinch myself really hard when I learned that Emerson College was naming its School of Communication for me. It’s kind of a big deal,” he said in a press release issued by the college, rather than the man himself, as he doesn’t technically exist.

Burgundy, or at least Ferrell in character, is promising to “share his path to journalism greatness” with students, ahead of a showing of his upcoming film, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”.

“A visit from Ron Burgundy is a chance to engage with someone who understands the power of media, as well as hairspray, first-hand,” said Emerson College President Lee Pelton, gamely.