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The start of the new academic year is upon us and hundreds of thousands of students are moving into their new private rented accommodation. Most student digs are not exactly luxurious – they're often damp, leaking and have the seemingly obligatory ageing gas cooker and pile of dirty dishes. And it appears students never change – most of them are more concerned about where their next pint is coming from than how safe their new surroundings are.

Recent research by National Grid found that four in ten students (43 per cent) wouldn't know how to minimise the risk of an explosion if they smelt gas, and worryingly just one in seven (16 per cent) rate having a fire alarm as one of most important things when selecting accommodation. The majority also struggle to recognise the five indicators of CO poisoning - despite the silent, odourless gas having the ability to cause brain damage and even death.

So if you don't know where your fuse box is, or think a gas safety certificate is something that should be issued to your flatmate after they've eaten beans on toast... then we have the perfect prize for you! National Grid want to make sure that while you’re having fun you're also playing safely. They are giving you the chance to win a carbon monoxide alarm, an iPod Shuffle, iTunes Vouchers and some Odeon Cinema Vouchers. As if that wasn't enough you can also visit Facebook for some handy tips from Alan Fletcher, aka Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours to see Alan giving his advice on University life - dating, saving money, staying safe… and even playing the guitar.

To get your hands on this fantastic prize just answer the question below:

Who is Alan Fletcher’s character (Karl Kennedy) married to in 'Neighbours'?

Click here to email your answer - please include your phone number and home address in your entry.

Competition closes 13 November 2009.

For more information visit National Grid Student Union on Facebook or

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