Students vomiting and urinating all over the floor in restaurant toilets and punching each other in the teeth – it might sound like a story involving Oxford’s Bullingdon Club, but it is actually just another night out for a Cambridge drinking society.

Details of one particularly riotous evening have emerged in a “debrief” email supposedly written by the president of one of the university’s most notorious clubs. He writes that the gang of students “made serious work of both the gents’ and females’ toilets”, with one member hauling the hand dryer and sink clean off the wall, while another delivered a “finishing fly-kick required to sever the pipe”.

The email was obtained and published by The Tab Cambridge online student newspaper, which refused to name the students involved, leading to suggestions that the president may have exaggerated his club’s exploits for the entertainment of fellow revellers.

But the raucous night described would not be unprecedented in Cambridge drinking-club history. Only recently, the Bulldogs of Churchill College caused substantial damage to the bar at Downing College, including ripping hand dryers off the toilet walls, and the story was quickly retold all over the university.