Age: 21

History: Management studies began life in Cambridge's department of engineering in 1954. Then in 1990, a business school was founded and named after Sir Paul Judge (best known for a management buyout of Premier Brands from Cadbury Schweppes).

Address: The school is situated close to the Fitzwilliam Museum and Cambridge's historic Colleges and in proximity to the science and business parks of Silicon Fen. A tree-lined pathway leads to the grand facade of the former Addenbrooke's hospital.

Ambience: The marble-floored atrium is a light and airy entrance to one of Cambridge's most stunning contemporary buildings. Inside, a blend of wooden fittings and vibrant colours enhance the cosmopolitan feel of the school. Study pods on each balcony and inward facing faculty offices reflect the collaborative ethos of the institution. The common room serves as a busy focal point for staff, students and visitors alike.

Vital statistics: More than 160 students representing 47 nationalities are on the MBA, which is 92 per cent international. The programme is an intensive, one-year affair but, in addition to its academic rigour, the MBA is very practical – all students must complete at least three projects before graduating.

Added value: Students get access to all of the university's facilities and activities. It has lots of research centres, including corporate governance, competitiveness and innovation, finance, international business and health.

Easy to get into? You'll need a good degree, a decent GMAT score (average of 690) and a minimum of three years' work experience.

Glittering alumni: Noreena Hertz, anti-globalisation commentator; Jung Hwan Kim, part of the Global Leadership Programme of the World Economic Forum; Tom Kao, president, China and Hong Kong, BBDO.

Gurus: Charles Hampden-Turner, culture and cultural competencies; Peter Nolan, Chinese commerce.

International connections: 92 per cent of students on the MBA are from outside the UK.

Student profile: The average age of MBA students is 30, and most have six years of work experience. The male to female ratio is 72:28 .

Cost: £36,000, average membership is £2,229.

Return on investment: The 2008 MBA graduates had an average salary increase of 75 per cent, with students earning around £65,000.

Who's the boss? Professor Lawrence S Abeln, is also an associated dean at Georgetown, and has successfully developed a new MBA programme.

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