Poznan-Atlanta MBA Program at Poznan University of Economics

Age: Poznan University of Economics: 84; Poznan-Atlanta MBA Program: 16

History: Founded in 1926, Poznan University of Economics is a public university, the only one in Poland to enjoy full academic rights in economics, management and commodity sciences. Education is provided in the form of first-, second- and third-level studies, MBA programmes as well as post-master’s degree studies. The Poznan-Atlanta Program was launched in 1995 (the name of the Program comes from two cities of partner universities: Poznan University of Economics (PUE) and Georgia State University (GSU), Atlanta).

Address: All premises of the PUE are located in the centre of Poznan, close to each other; a 10-15-minute walk from the Old Town (and the Old Market Square), a 1-3-minute walk from the Emperor’s Castle and the Opera, a 10-minute walk from the Poznan International Fair Centre.

Ambience: It is a mixture of tradition (old monumental building of the PUE, the Emperor’s Castle, the old buildings of Adam Mickiewicz University, etc.), greenery (e.g. two parks with lot of space close to the PUE premises) and modernity (tower building of the PUE, Stary Browar (Old Brewery Shopping Centre) – the 2005 and 2008 best middle size shopping centre in the world, an Icon of modern Polish Architecture). Additionally, there are many pubs, students’ clubs and restaurants near the PUE.

Vital statistics: The Poznan-Atlanta MBA Program curriculum consists of six modules (Business Economics & Law, Business Strategies, Corporate Finance for Managers, Operation & Process Management, People in Organization, Strategic Marketing Management). The MBA studies are divided into four semesters; all teaching activities are done at weekends. The number of direct contact hours exceeds 600.

Easy to get into? A master or equivalent degree, proficiency in English and minimum three years of business experience are required. Knowledge of English and a successful psychometric examination is essential. Candidates will be interviewed.

International connections: Poznan University of Economics has over 120 international academic partners. The international cooperation includes student and teacher exchange, joint programmes and research projects. The Poznan-Atlanta MBA Program is designed and conducted in close cooperation with the partner university – Georgia State University, Atlanta (USA). Poznan-Atlanta MBA students may choose to study a short semester at the GSU by virtue of the agreement between both universities. The Poznan-Atlanta MBA Program, besides the GSU faculty has also guest academic faculty from other British and Irish business schools.

Glittering alumni: Poznan-Atlanta MBA Alumni hold managerial and top managerial positions in many national and international companies such as: Canon Poland, Citibank, Comarch, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Imperial Tobacco Polska, Nokia Siemens Networks, Philips Lightening Poland, Pratt & Whitney, Seco/WARWICK, Sulzer Chemtech, Wrigley Poland.

Gurus: Prof. Hugh Scullion (he has written several books and over fifty specialist articles in International HRM; Hugh’s latest books are International HRM: A Critical Text, Palgrave 2004 and Global Staffing, Rutledge 2004, Prof. Bruce Kaufman – the author of several books and articles in the area of HRM; book Global Evolution of Industrial Relations selected by American Library Association as “Best of the Best” for academic titles in 2004; book Origins and Evolution of the Field of Industrial Relations winner of 1992 Richard A. Lester award for "Best Book in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations."

Student profile: The average age for the MBA students is 32. The average business experience is 7.5 years. The average number of students per one cohort is 30. They are mainly Poles (other nationalities who studied in the Program: Americans, Canadians, Slovaks and Nigerians). Females represent average 30-40 per cent of all students.

Cost: To get the cost you have to Log into their website.

Who's the boss? Prof. Tadeusz Kowalski, Chairman of the Program Council, Dr Anna Matysek-J?drych, Director of the Program.

Prospectus: +48 61 854 38 68; www.uemba.ue.poznan.pl; mba@ue.poznan.pl