Young people are being encouraged to have sex with as many people as possible during their studies

Freshers at Cardiff University are being encouraged to keep a tally of their sexual conquests

Forget about competing for the best grades, university students are being encouraged to strive for the highest number of notches on their bedposts as possible.

Climax Promotions, an events company based in South Wales, is handing out “Shagcharts” to freshers at Cardiff University so that they can keep a tally of their sexual conquests.

The wall poster also features an accompanying “Chunderchart” for students to keep track of who throws up the most times after going out drinking. 

With 10 rows for undergraduates to write their names, there’s plenty of room for “healthy” competition and an additional sidebar is included for competitors to note down details of their most outrageous stories.

Although Climax Promotions is not affiliated with the university, it claims to be Cardiff’s “number one events company” and employs a large number of students. Its Freshers Pack, which sells for £25, includes entry to five of the seven main weekly nights out in the student city.


Cardiff University Students' Union said in a statement: "Cardiff University Students' Union does not support, endorse or encourage this sort of promotional material or lad culture. The Students' Union has a strict advertising policy that does not allow such material on campus.

"We believe that the item was distributed by an external company promoting themselves to students. Companies of this type try to gain access to University campus without consent, especially during Freshers' Week.

"We do not have and would not consider a relationship with the company in question."

Casual sex is now seen as part and parcel of student life but in recent years concerns have been voiced that young people are taking things too far.

Earlier this year, the University Sex League Survey, conducted by popular website StudentBeans, revealed that over half of students had had unprotected sex (51 per cent of women and 61 per cent of men).

And last year, a poll carried out by found that one in four students (23 per cent) will catch an STI in their first year of study, half of whom (54 per cent) will be unable to remember who gave it to them.

The Independent has contacted Climax Promotions for comment.