CHILDREN across Northern Ireland are taking to the stage to learn about the importance of food safety and good hygiene.

Safefood, the cross-border Food Safety Promotion Board, and Inspired Events have developed an innovative training resource for schools.

'The Hands of Doom' drama kit will provide teachers with the tools necessary to put on a show in their own school and at the same time educate their pupils about the importance of hand-washing in the elimination of germs.

Martin Higgins, Chief Executive of safefood, said: "It is never too early for young people to learn about good hygiene.

"We believe that if we can encourage them to think about the importance of practices such as hand-washing at the earliest possible age, that message will stay with them for life.

"Experience to date shows that learning through the arts can be a fun experience."

The kit consists of five books which include a lesson plan, script, music CD, an illustrated guide and worksheets.

The kit also includes a video of a performance which features St John's Girls' Primary in Belfast.

The Belfast pupils participated in the pilot scheme.

For further information, contact safefood at 0800 0851683 or visit