<p>Optical fibres</p> <p>The internet is a truly incredibly thing, but we all hate it when it works too slowly. That’s where optical fibres come in. Made of a high quality extruded glass called silica, they guide light through a process of refraction, and

10 UK discoveries made by UK universities that we guarantee will have changed your life

Deluged by university tales of drinking, socialising or students behaving badly, there’s also some great teaching and research which also happens to go on at universities across the country.

Did you know the first computer was created in 1948 at Manchester University? Called "Baby", its somewhat disingenuous name masked the size of the invention – weighing in at one massive tonne of wiring, metal and long, hard work.

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The discovery of penicillin or the creation of Dolly the sheep are further examples of some of the amazing work done by scientists and researchers at universities.

So, if you’re still struggling with a hangover this Friday afternoon, have a browse through our gallery of top university research discoveries and set your mind to wondering.