10 effortless ways to beat first term stress at university


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As students, we never get much sympathy when we're stressed. We’re lost in a sea of other weighted bodies, most of them too busy to exchange their own work-related woes. And although we’re surrounded by people all the time, we can’t dismiss the fact that our feelings are going in one ear and out the other.

Deadlines? You’ve got 3,000 words to write in two days. Work? You can barely afford accommodation with all these increasing expenses. Placement? Don’t even mention it.

Stress is a word thrown around often; it’s difficult to recognise the scale of one student’s situation in comparison to the next. Good news, though - there is a simple cure.

Here’s a few ways to separate you from that dreaded workload:

Get punching

Let’s be honest - we all feel like creating chaos when things get too much. Release those powerful endorphins by hitting the punch-bag. Boxercise is a super-intense gym class that leaves you feeling refreshed inside and out.

Buy your favourite foods

You don’t always feel like knocking back a pint of water and a bowlful of veggies when you’re tired. But if we’ve learnt one thing from our youth, it’s that a packet of jelly tots will better the world. Investing in your fave foods will throw a little fun into your strict regime.

Have a coffee and a moan

Moaning is a great way to unload; no matter who your moan-ee is. Invite your family or a pal from back home to come visit, any advice will be neutral and hearing about your home town will act as a nice escape.

Do something normal

Cleaning the house may seem like a timely endeavour, but doing something “normal” in your day will bring you back down to earth. Throwing away old university work and bagging up unused clothes for charity will make you feel organised.

Treat yourself after a deadline

Banging out deadline after deadline seems unfair at times; especially when you’re doing so much for so little. Give yourself a reward after a heavy assignment is a great way to feel appreciated by yourself. It doesn’t have to be costly, a new haircut or a box of chocolates will do the job!

Have a “you” day

Whack your jarmies on, slob out in front of Netflix and keep any thoughts of university in a cage for tomorrow. Having a day alone will allow you to think things over without any distraction.

Change your work environment

Tired of the library? Is your SU too noisy? Grab your laptop, get on a bus and find a cute coffee shop to set up in.

Put your work down - and don’t feel guilty about it

If you’re starving, you’ve got a mental block and you can’t comprehend your own text, then it’s time to put your work down. Not feeling guilty about it is an art form, but it comes with discipline!

Have a glass of something

The age-old remedy of having a glass of wine with your friends is still one of the best. There’s nothing wrong with having a rose after class, but be careful, alcohol is only a temporary stress-reliever.

Incorporate your work with stuff you love

There is always room to do the stuff you love, no matter what degree you’re on. Try Incorporating your hobbies and interests into your assignments.