7 brilliant freebies for students

Free coffee, free McDonald's and free make-up. It's amazing what's on offer if you look

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You know the phrase “nothing in life is free”? Well it's wrong! When you’re a student the coppers matter, every last penny is vital and anything you can get for free is happily accepted.

Sleeping all day and partying all night should to be rewarded with the occasional present. From coffees to condoms, here are eight good things you can get for free as a student right now.

A free coffee every single day

Too good to be true? Absolutely not! At Waitrose, a free tea or coffee is yours every day when you join My Waitrose. It’s a loyalty scheme, but works differently to others. You don’t collect points, but rather gain benefits and freebies simply by having a card. There’s no hassle and you don’t need to buy anything to claim your drink; just show your card. Even though you need to send away for your card, you can use the temporary paper version from the moment you sign up so there isn’t even any waiting on the mail. Suddenly, that early morning lecture doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

A month of free films

So during exam leave or reading week, let’s face it, you have nothing to do. Why not sign up to a 30-day free trial of Netflix? All the latest films and television series streamed straight to your laptop, IPad, phone or Wii. You do need to put your bank details in, but if you don’t want to pay each month after your trial ends, simply set yourself a reminder to cancel it when your month is up. So whether you’re avoiding that essay or having a cosy night in with your flatmates, how can you miss out on this?

A virus-free computer

Sick of computer viruses or not having a clue what you’re downloading half the time? AVG is free for a month and will wipe your computer of viruses, as well as spotting where viruses are coming from so you know the websites to avoid. Trial it for 30 days and then cancel it, knowing that now your computer has nothing slowing it down or potentially damaging it!


So after a night on the town or when you just want to binge, a free burger or ice cream can never go amiss. With every meal bought you can claim a free regular burger or McFlurry with a student card. There isn’t really much more to say about this deal, apart from the true benefits of being a student are now fully recognisable.

Free music

Whether it’s for choosing the tunes at a flat party or for trying to keep you sane during revision, who doesn’t want free music? Spotify offers a month free trial, so why not sign up over exam time and not have to pay a penny for unlimited music? Spotify works on all devices and the trial is for Premium Spotify, which means you can download unlimited amounts and not have to sit through adds! Those can songs add up on iTunes.

Let’s get physical, physical…

Going to the gym can be a bad enough thought without the added burden of paying for the pain. Not any more though, as you can get gym passes for free. There are always offers going on, such as seven free classes at British Military Fitness gyms across the country or a free day pass at Fitness First. All you need to do is google a little bit, and by the time you’ve used up all the different offers at different places it’ll be time to start circulating again...

Fancy make-up samples

Ever longed for some make up but you haven’t been able to justify it? Maybe it was simply too expensive for you to not know if you would like it. Now you can go into MAC cosmetics anywhere in the UK without an appointment. Speak to one of the trained make-up artists and they will give you samples of things you’re interested with in pots, in a variety of different shades and colours.