Beat the bar work: Alternative ways to make money at university


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Easter is fast approaching and every student’s and soon-to-be graduate’s thoughts will soon be turning to summer. Are you trying to plan the holiday of a lifetime, but your overdraft just isn’t stretching far enough? Well, it’s not too late to earn some extra cash before the semester ends. Taking on a job at a bar or in retail can be hard to fit around a busy season of essay deadlines and revision, but there are various other ways to make money at university that offer flexibility for when you need to pull an all-nighter in the library.

Working as a TV/film extra

If your degree is particularly flexible, you might have time to join a TV and film extra agency. You can choose when you want to work. Some films will require a considerable amount of time and commitment and the hours are long, but the pay is generous and you have the chance to meet some big Hollywood stars. The agency Uni-versal Extras has been set up specifically for students and they will organise your castings and roles on your behalf.  

Brand manager on campus

Many companies and graduate employers need to target students on campus. They know the best way to attract interest is by using students to build a name for the company or brand on campus. These brand manager roles are designed to work around your studies and typically involve flyering and talking to students about the brand, and organising and running events to boost the company profile. And maybe you could apply to be a student brand ambassador for the i paper next year?

Sell your things

Are you a hoarder? Does half of your loan somehow evaporate from your account before you’ve even paid your rent? Did you arrive in first year halls with a couple of suitcases and clothes airer in the back of your parents’ car but by graduation will need a removal van to get everything home? Well maybe you can save yourself a small fortune in moving and storage costs and make yourself some money now. Why not sell some of your unwanted clothes and accessories on the Internet? That dress that seemed like a good idea when you were procrastinating during exam revision could find itself a new home, and you could find yourself with a few extra pounds to put towards… more clothes?

Working at university events

Every university holds open days, and current students are essential for encouraging prospective freshers to apply. Do some research into your university’s ambassador programme and you could find yourself standing outside in the rain wearing a fluorescent bib and a forced smile. It’s not an exciting job, but you can work around your studies and it’s a great thing to add to your CV.

Start a blog

Not only can starting a blog improve your employability – it’s a great way to showcase your writing and shows you’re a proactive and self-motivated kind of student – but it might make you a bit of money too. If you can get a good following and your blog traffic is high, you can apply to host paid adverts. Furthermore, depending on the theme of your blog, you can get sent free goods to review and promote, and as a student you know that free things are essentially equal to money in your pocket.