How to survive freshers' week

10 tips on how to make friends and your money last during your first week at uni
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  1. Don’t feel you have to go out partying every single night of the week
  2. Keep your door open: nights in your room with friends can be fun and cheap
  3. Try to spend at least some time getting yourself organised for when term starts
  4. Take care of your health: eat and sleep as regularly as possible, and join a sports society or the gym
  5. Don’t jump into intense friendships – you could spend more time trying to lose friends than meeting people
  6. When you go out at night, take a set amount of money with you – and stick to it
  7. Don’t try to win friends with money – are those the kind of people you want to hang out with?
  8. Think about what you’re spending: do you need to join every society? Do you need a TV?
  9. Find the cheapest places to eat and drink
  10. Don’t lose sleep over money – be sensible, but don’t hold back. University’s not always this eventful