The problem with this heavy-handed docu-comedy about the war on terror is that you know the ending already: there isn’t one.

If Super Size Me star Morgan Spurlock had located the world’s most-wanted man, we would know about it. So, what follows is a none-too-serious look at post 9/11 attitudes in the Middle East, which would be more accurately titled Why America Isn’t Very Popular.

Interviews with moderates and extremists in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are in parts illuminating and moving, but become lost when the film tries to connect them to the ludicrous title. Misplaced video-game jokes (where Spurlock fights bin Laden using “Redneck Power”), a mushy back story about the filmmaker’s pregnant girlfriend and irritating attempts to raise a cheap laugh, such as calling, “Osama? Where are you?” into the caves of Tora Bora, seem woefully insensitive. DVD extras include an exclusive interview with Spurlock and deleted scenes.

  • Director: Morgan Spurlock
  • Cast: Morgan Spurlock
  • Certificate: 12 Genre: Documentary Out now