Game review: Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights

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Based on the improbably named American street-racing show Hot Import Nights, the latest Juiced title is bold and brash.

With a heavy emphasis on modded motors this isn’t a game for racing purists, but the driving is refreshingly varied. Rather than having to doggedly work your way through every event, you'll be given objectives to achieve over the course of a number of events.

You might have to race to win, come in at a certain position or even drive so crazily that you freak out your main rival. Players are even encouraged to bet on races’ outcomes, which certainly makes multiplayer a lot more interesting. Although the graphics are serviceable, when you take a spin around London or Paris it’s tough not to compare this unfavourably with the good looks of PGR’s tracks. Still, there’s plenty here to enjoy if you’re willing to throw yourself in and start modding like mad.

Format: PC, PS2, X360, PS3

Publisher: THQ

Price: From £34.99