Game review: Motorhead

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A decade on from its release on the PlayStation, Motorhead has been taken out of its box in Sony’s attic, had the dust wiped off and is blinking in the light of day on the PSN download service.

So, although this once-mighty racer is getting on a bit, at less than four quid it’s a bargain. Although there’s limited choice, with only 10 cars and eight tracks to play with, there are some neat touches that make this 32-bit game well worth an evening’s investment. Project Gotham Racing 4 this isn’t, but there’s a healthy amount of realism: instead of crazy drops and jumps, real features of the cityscape form each track’s obstacles.

The cars on offer may be relatively few compared to what we’re used to from contemporary racers, but what cars there are here are pretty nippy. If nothing else, playing Motorhead is great for seeing how far driving games have come in the last 10 years and how enjoyable they were back in the day.

Format: PlayStation Network

Publisher: Sony

Price: £3.49