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The Independent has teamed up with NUS Extra, to offer registered students the opportunity to subscribe to this award-winning paper for just £1 a week, for a trial 4-week period.

The Independent is the paper for students – with its informed analysis and debate, award-winning writers, wide-ranging news coverage and lack of political bias.

Our journalists include Robert Fisk, Johann Hari, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Dominic Lawson and Steve Richards. You’ll also enjoy our coverage of arts, books, health and fashion; as well as our association with student events, festivals and new music.

This year alone The Independent has sponsored a number of festivals including Woodstock, Cornbury and Love Music Hate Racism. As a subscriber to the paper, you will also receive discounts and offers on music, theatre, film screenings and other cultural events.

The subscription offer works as follows. To sign up, you simply need to click on the link below and give us your details. For your first four weeks, you will receive The Independent for just £1 a week.

After 4 weeks, you will be charged at the discounted rate of £3.30 a week for a full 7-day subscription, which will roll on unless you tell us otherwise. (This is a saving of almost 60% on the full price of the paper). If you wish to stop your subscription at any time after the trial period, you may cancel in writing.

Your subscription is easy to start and to administer. Once you have filled in your details, you will be sent personalised vouchers which you can exchange for your paper at any participating newsagent. So you can continue to get your paper both during term time, and through the holidays.

This offer is exclusive to NUS Extra card holders. Subscribe now, and welcome to The Independent.