TEST Catch21 Productions presents: Uni-Q

Uni-Q is a new online show - best described as ‘Question Time’ meets ‘The Sunday Night Project’ - providing a forum for 16-25 year olds to pose questions to MPs and other high profile figures
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Created by a group of University of Hull politics graduates as a way to engage young people in politics, Uni-Q is the first programme of its kind to tour universities and colleges across the UK.

This week on Uni-Q: Liverpool

* Labour MP and Robert Kilroy-Silk's replacement, George Howarth

* Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Fiona Bruce

Future guests on Uni-Q will include: the Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP, the Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabati and Charles Clarke MP...

The programme is sponsored by The University of Hull, which also runs the prestigious Westminster Hull Internship Programme whereby politics students are offered the opportunity to work with an MP in Westminster for a semester.

For more information about the University of Hull visit hull.ac.uk .

About Catch 21

Catch21 Productions is a charitable production company which produces content to help engage young people in politics, democracy and community. For more information visit catch21.co.uk