<p>Charlie Brooker</p> <p>An excellent writer and humorist, Brooker’s frank style of analysis is well known as a result of his work with the BBC and The Guardian. His work frequently concerns the media, so it’s probably not much of a surprise that Brooker

Hate your degree? If these celebrities are anything to go by, chances are you might end up going in a totally different direction. Here's hoping ...

University education can be a great step towards a career in just about anything, with institutions offering courses in disciplines from European Studies and Stand Up Comedy.

But, really, how much does your choice of degree matter? Media discussion about “Micky Mouse” degrees might lead you to believe that STEM subjects are the only ones that count. It’s not that simple, though - the following ten public figures are living examples that it’s not necessarily about what you study, but who you are.

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