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Moshi Monsters: The Movie (U) - film review

Moshi Monsters is an online, interactive game that allows children to own their own pet monsters. This opportunistic movie spin-off will make no sense at all to most adult audiences and may well leave the kids frustrated as well.

Classical review: Medea - Hello, sailor! The fleet's in and it's one

All the nice girls love a sailor. But so do the mad girls and the bad girls. Exquisitely bored by the monotonous hum and click of sewing machines and knitting needles in a snowbound fishing village, Senta annihilates herself for love of the cursed hero of The Flying Dutchman. Enraged by rejection, and pressed on all sides by the complex politics of an uneasy military alliance, the sorceress Medea slaughters her children and poisons her rival to wring hot tears from the cold eyes of unfaithful Jason.

Georg Kreisler: Satirist and doyen of Viennese cabaret

Georg Kreisler was widely acknowledged in Germany and Austria as a master of the satirical songs for which Viennese cabaret is held in such esteem. Celebrated above all for his dazzling and provocative texts, his skill in setting them to music and his virtuoso stage performances at the piano, Kreisler was also a novelist, poet, dramatist, theatre director and composer. Almost as striking as his landmark creative career were his remarkable experiences during the Second World War.

Charlie Chaplin's golden notes

What better film to celebrate the season with than Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush, particularly when it comes with orchestral accompaniment and Carl Davis?

Cammie King: Actress who played Bonnie Blue in 'Gone with the Wind'

Cammie King appeared in only one motion picture, but it is one that is still (taking account of inflation) considered the most successful film ever made: Gone with the Wind (1939). King played Bonnie Blue, the daughter of Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) and Rhett Butler (Clark Gable), who meets an untimely end when her horse throws her at a jump. She contributed to one more film – providing the voice of the young doe Faline in the Disney film Bambi (1942) – but it is as Bonnie Blue that she achieved lasting fame. "I peaked in show business at the age of five," she said. "Imagine being in two classics and never doing another thing after that."

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