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Reap what you sow: It's not as difficult as you think to grow peas and

One warm, still evening in mid-July I picked the first peas, the first cucumber and the first courgette. My husband was away sailing in the Shetlands. The booty was mine, all mine. I made fat batons of the cucumber and ate them, dipped in hummus, as I sat outside shelling the peas. In the fading light, the rooks sailed in overhead, hundreds of them, chattering, clattering, making for their roost in the alder trees below the house.

Skyfall might not be the limit as Sam Mendes rumoured to direct next

Sam Mendes said just months ago that he was putting 007 on ice to focus on theatre. But now it seems that the Skyfall director was just being coy, as Sony Pictures and MGM have reportedly started talks for him to return and direct Daniel Craig in the next instalment of the James Bond franchise.

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