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Won’t anyone think of all the other Cara Delevingnes™ after model

There’s no escaping Cara Delevingne. Walking for all the big designers on the international fashion week catwalks, model of the year at the British Fashion Awards and this month’s Vogue cover star, now the 20-year-old model has registered her name as an official trademark.

Stanley Dent: Senior figure in the postwar film industry

Adelphi Films was one of the companies whose feature films and B-movies helped to fill cinemas in the industry's boom years after the Second World War. As business manager, Stanley Dent was responsible for securing distribution deals for pictures showcasing some of the earliest performances by stars such as Peter Sellers and Diana Dors, whose contracts he drew up.

Album: Kesha, Animal (RCA)

Dropping off the music-industry conveyor belt with a ker-chinggg, Kesha Sebert – or, to render it properly, Ke$ha – is a terrifyingly ambitious 22-year-old from San Fernando, first heard on Flo Rida's abysmal "Right Round", who is now being given the full Max Martin treatment.

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