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The 10 Best new Smart TVs

Ready to upgrade to a smart TV? Or move from HD to 3D? Here are the swankiest new sets on the market.

Tokyo Crash Mobs – Review

Tokyo Crash Mobs takes us to a place where logic is made to feel unwelcome... in the best Nintendo kind of way of course.

Nintendo 3DS XL – Review

With Nintendo making a habit of revising their handhelds ever since the arrival of the Game Boy Pocket – a smaller, slinkier version of the original and vintage Game Boy – it’s perhaps no surprise to see a new version of the 3DS arrive on to store shelves.

Hands on: HTC Evo 3D

This morning HTC announced its latest product – a high-spec smartphone with added 3D. David Phelan has quality time with the HTC Evo 3D.

China gets hot under the collar over world's first 3D porn film

It certainly is not Avatar. Sumptuous costumes, golden keys opening doors to reveal orgies in imperial China and plenty of erotic action in lurid 3D – Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, the world's first major three-dimensional pornographic movie, is generating a lot of excitement in China.

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Boxing: Haye wants Harrison at his best

David Haye hopes heavy underdog Audley Harrison is at his enigmatic best on Saturday in order to give the paying public "more than a minute's worth of entertainment".

Nintendo posts first-half loss

The woes are piling up at Nintendo as it sank into its first loss for seven years during the last quarter on slowing sales, the strong yen and an increasingly competitive gaming market.