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Adam Sandler

Funny People (15)

In which comedy meister Judd Apatow tries to meld his trademark scatological humour to a character-based drama and ends up with a Lawrence Kasdan movie for the emotionally stunted.

DVD: Alison Krauss, A Hundred Miles or More, (Decca/Rounder)

An hour "in the studio" with the purest musician in America, watching her do songs from her last, elegant but over-finessed album. For a woman who places so much emphasis on naturalness and authenticity, she must really like her make-up artist, who appears to have done the job with a spatula and blowtorch.

Strange Wilderness (tbc)

Already a significant contender for Worst Film of 2008, this moronic guys-together comedy is mostly regrettable for the appearance of Steve Zahn, once the go-to guy for dopey charm but now just another name in exec producer Adam Sandler's stable of goons.