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Scarred for life: the rise of glassing – a sickening act of violence

Glassing is perhaps the most sickening act of drunken street violence, its effects indiscriminate, ugly, life-changing. Unlike say punching or stabbing, permanent disfigurement is not an unintended consequence: it is the point. And it’s on the rise. Godfrey Holmes investigates

Getting piste on the cheap: The art of the budget weekend student

Deadlines and bills can knock most students down to breaking point. With little enjoyment left in life, money can serve as a comfort, going out and splurging cash on a fancy meal or a new outfit can provide a temporary solution. However, forking out for a long weekend on the slopes is a resort many have to turn to in the search for a less temporary solution to new years depression as a student. A high adrenaline holiday is enough to take anyone’s minds off of the stresses of student life.

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