Beauty Treatment

How To Be Beautiful: Be free of frizz

It's usually around this time of year that you are forced to face up to the state of your hair. Damp days provide perfect conditions for the worst hair days possible, when every broken, flyaway strand decides to make its presence visible and they create, en masse, a look that might be described romantically as "cloudy", but is really just hideously frizzy.

The experts: Dolce & Gabbana launches its new Animalier collection

Tiger stripes of fake tan, shins as dry as a lizard, or elephant skin elbows – traditionally, a bit of an animal isn't what women want in their make-up bag. Until now that is, as Dolce & Gabbana launches its new Animalier collection – just in time to stuff the chicest Christmas stockings.

Toiletries: How posh are Posh's paws?

A recommendation from Victoria Beckham has got to be like gold dust for any brand. So no doubt after her recent tweet – "Obsessed with this hand cream… Fragrance is amazing! X" – about a certain $20 lotion, the good folk at Anthropologie (the store where she bought it) and Royal Apothic (the brand of cream in question) had a bit of a celebration.

How Revlon created the scarlet woman

In 1932, the company launched the very first red nail varnish. Since then, its products have become staples on dressing tables around the world. Rebecca Gonsalves charts its rise