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Berlin Wall

Christa Wolf: Writer whose hard-won reputation suffered when her Stasi

Christa Wolf was one of the most important contemporary German authors: an East German writer whose popularity spanned both German states; a constant critic of the socialist regime, who chose not abandon the larger socialist project. "I loved this country," she said of the German Democratic Republic, to her contemporary and friend Günter Grass, after it ceased to exist. She was a member of what she called a "broken generation": one that grew up under the shadow of Nazism and experienced the foundation of the GDR as the promise of a truly humane society, but then also lived to see it fail.

Fury over 'shoot-to-kill' online Berlin Wall game

A computer game that casts players as guards who can shoot and kill people trying to flee across the former heavily fortified border between East and West Germany and the Berlin Wall has attracted a huge following and caused the internet server offering online versions to partially collapse.

49-years since the Berlin Wall went up

It is exactly 49-years tomorrow since the Berlin Wall was constructed by the German Democratic Republic, drawing Soviet-occupied East Berlin away from the half of the city occupied by America, Britain and France, and firmly behind the iron curtain.

The world's top ten famous walls

The 9 November marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an extraordinary event which unified Germany following more than 40 years of division.

Trabant parade remembers the first crack in Berlin Wall

A procession of restored Trabant cars streamed through a replica of a metal gate this weekend, commemorating the place and time, 20 years ago, when Hungary and Austria opened the first breach in the Iron Curtain and, in former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's words, "took the first brick out of the Berlin Wall".

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The facts of life: attraction

"Beer goggles" exist: people do appear more attractive after a few drinks, according to researchers from the University of Bristol. Students who had consumed alcohol rated pictures of people their own age as being more attractive than did the controls in the experiment, who drunk only lime cordial.

Obama urges global fight against terror

Barack Obama stood before more than 200,000 people in Berlin and summoned Europeans and Americans to work together to bring the war in Iraq to an end, defeat terrorism and "dry up the well of extremism that supports it."

Berlin, Germany

The German capital has a history, energy and cultural life like no other European city. Harriet O'Brien joins the film festival jet set

Reborn to be wild: Berlin's 24-hour party people

With cutting-edge clubs, café society and a thriving art scene, long-neglected eastern districts of the German capital are reinventing themselves as centres of youth culture. Tony Paterson reports