Don't miss: Traumatised at Sotheby's

Traumata at Sotheby’s celebrates two of the greatest artists of their generation — the late Louise Bourgeois and Yayoi Kusama – while one of Britain’s most important artists, Maggi Hambling, opens her latest exhibition Edge at the Marlborough Gallery.

José Pizarro: 'People ate anything they could get their hands on

My earliest food memory...Seeing my mum and grandmother cooking – although growing up as a boy in rural Spain at that time, you weren't supposed to be in the kitchen. If there's one thing that evokes childhood for me, it's partridge. My grandmother would cook it at Christmas, and I still remember the smell of the burning feathers.

One Minute With: Tom Rob Smith, novelist

I'm sitting at my desk in Bermondsey, and I can see St Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye. It's amazingly quiet. There's not much green space here, so the river becomes that.

Boy killed by 'Facebook gang' in busy station

A schoolboy was hunted down by a "brutal and merciless" pack of 20 teenagers, who repeatedly stabbed him and left him dying on the floor of a station during rush-hour, a court heard. Sofyen Belamouadden, 15, was pursued through crowds of commuters at Victoria station in London by a gang from a rival school, who had planned ambush on Facebook.

Simon Hughes launches Lib Dem deputy bid

Simon Hughes today launched his bid to become deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, with the backing of outgoing deputy and Business Secretary Vince Cable.

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