Bernard Madoff

How Madoff's surviving son handles grief and scandal

The fiancée of Bernard Madoff's surviving son has provided a glimpse of life in the shadow of history's biggest fraud, revealing how Andrew Madoff has thrown himself into music and new business ventures as a whirlwind of recrimination continues to swirl around him.

James Moore: The self-styled 'world's local bank' takes a nasty hit

HSBC is an institution that jealously guards its corporate reputation. That reputation took a nasty hit yesterday. The self-styled "World's Local Bank" likes to portray itself as the trusted partner whose global reach can get the best for its clients. A rather different picture is painted by Irving Picard, the trustee handling the liquidation of Bernie Madoff's fraudulent empire.

For sale: Madoff's intimate treasures

So arch-fraudster Bernard Madoff had a copy of Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. The notorious perpetrator of history's largest pyramid scheme had Al Franken's book on his shelf when the FBI finally closed in. He had numerous other appropriate volumes, with titles such as Chutzpah, In the Shadow of the Law, and End in Tears.

Steve Lazarides: Tunnel visions

The man who made Banksy a household name has created a nether world in the subterranean maze beneath Waterloo station. Alice Jones takes a first look

Glenn Close - Lock up your pets, she's back

Nobody plays a manipulative monster as well as Glenn Close. As she returns to our screens in a welcome third season of the legal drama Damages, Gerard Gilbert celebrates the star's formidable froideur

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