Boots (pharmacist)

Willie's Easter Egg Factory

Children were being dragged reluctantly from the Tabernacle pub in Notting Hill yesterday, their eyes wild with sugar intake and faces smeared with chocolate, when I arrived at Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s one-off London-based Easter Egg factory yesterday.

Huge fine for chemist in crystal meth scandal

The largest retail chemist in the US has agreed to pay a record civil fine after the government said its shops had served as a key link in drug trafficking chains in California and possibly elsewhere by selling uncontrolled quantities of a key ingredient in methamphetamine.

Painkiller that changes form once it's inside the body

The name "codeine" comes from the Greek word kodeia, meaning "poppy head". It has been traditionally prepared from the opium poppy for many centuries and it was first isolated as a discrete chemical compound in 1832 by the French chemist and pharmacist Pierre Robiquet.

Eat your greens: September is foraging month and there's a way for

Nothing smells as good on a weekend morning as field mushrooms simmering in a pan with proper bacon. And conditions for fungi must be perfect this month, because they have been bouncing up all over the place. On the lawn outside my hut, field mushrooms appeared overnight to join hands in an enigmatic dark circle of grass. It's never happened before. But the ground was well warmed by the gorgeous weather we had earlier this summer. Then it rained and up they came.

France mourns Claude Chabrol, giant of cinema's New Wave

The French film director Claude Chabrol, one of the creators of the New Wave movement of the 1950s and 1960s, died yesterday at the age of 80. Like his fellow nouvelle vague pioneer Eric Rohmer, who died in January, Chabrol worked almost to the end. His last movie, Bellamy, starring Gérard Depardieu, appeared last year.

Scents and sensibility: the history of perfume

A new exhibition traces the history of perfume, from the frankincense and myrrh of ancient times to the celebrity fragrances of today. It's nothing less that the story of our civilisation, argues Michael Bywater

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Asda cuts price of cancer drugs

Asda is to sell cancer drugs on a not-for-profit basis, helping patients to pay for treatment that is deemed too expensive for the NHS to provide free.