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Desert storm: Islamists take Mali fight to Algeria

Islamist militants were holding  up to 41 Western gas engineers at a remote BP site in Algeria today, deepening fears that the conflict in Mali could unleash an anti-Western war across the deserts of northern Africa.

BP's troubled waters

As problems continue to pile up, the oil giant's claim to have turned a corner is still seen as premature

BP clean-up operation 'a fiasco'

Frustrated protesters claimed today that oil giant BP's clean-up operation in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico disaster had been a "complete fiasco".

US to share BP Gulf spill documents

The Justice Department has agreed to turn over at least 100 scientific documents that BP suspects could show that the US government overestimated the amount of oil that spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from the company's Macondo well.

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No signs – yet – of leaks from BP's oil cap

BP was encouraged yesterday as the final hours ticked away on a two-day trial run of a cap on its Gulf of Mexico well. A spokesman said there were no signs of new leaks and oil was being kept out of the water.

BP expresses hope that new 'top hat' will stem spewing oil

The latest high-stakes effort to contain the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was making progress last night, BP claimed, as remote-controlled robots continued the painstaking work of affixing a new "top hat" on the gushing well, a mile under the surface of the sea.