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Election night coverage: Channel 4 did comedy while ITV's efforts were

It began with an unprecedented third-party surge, with Channel 4 opening its campaign for the couch-potato vote 55 minutes before the two established parties – BBC and ITV – even got into the game. There would be, the announcer promised, "very strong language and adult humour", not something that had ever been delivered by the traditional coverage, and it was rapidly clear that the Alternative Election Night really did have fresh policies to offer.

Oxford cop who was too clever for his own good

For three years he survived calls for his resignation over allegations of incompetence, racism and political naivety, but Sir Ian Blair lasted just one day working for Boris Johnson. By Cahal Milmo and Nigel Morris

Pandora: PA problems bug Tony Blair

The secret paranoia of former statesmen. The former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson memorably told two journalists: "I see myself as a big fat spider in the corner of the room. Sometimes I speak when I'm asleep. You should both listen. Occasionally when we meet, I might tell you to go to the Charing Cross Road and kick a blind man standing on the corner. That blind man may tell you something, lead you somewhere."

Labour asks for Lib Dem help to beat Johnson

Labour is trying to forge an informal "Lib-Lab pact" to head off the prospect of a victory by the Tory candidate Boris Johnson over Ken Livingstone in the election for London mayor.

Boris: I will sweep out Ken's 'Marxist cabal'

Boris Johnson pledged yesterday to sweep away the "superannuated Marxist cabal" installed at City Hall by Ken Livingstone, as he launched his campaign to become Mayor of London.

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The Big Question: What has Ken Livingstone achieved in eight years as

The race to choose the next Mayor of London has begun. The main candidates are in place. This week, Ken Livingstone made his first manifesto pledge, that if he is re-elected, London's pensioners will be allowed free travel on public transport 24 hours a day. He has had his first head-to-head debate with his main rival, Boris Johnson.