Archbishop sorry for child abuse failings

The Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised to victims of child abuse in a Church of England diocese after an inquiry by his own office found "fresh and disturbing" allegations against members of the clergy.

Surprises, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Although he had toyed with the idea before, Alan Ayckbourn did not feel ready to bring science fiction fully into his work until his 34th play. A quarter of a century later and now on his 76th play, Surprises, the writer is a well-established exponent of the form.

The Syndicate, Minerva Theatre, Chichester
Henry IV Parts I and 2,

Hankering for just one more Mafia drama? For sure, you might think the movies and the small screen have done this genre to death – lock, stock and two-a-penny. Yet The Syndicate is an intriguing curiosity, written in 1960 by the continentally revered Eduardo de Filippo (of Napoli Milionaria! renown). Hitherto unstaged in the UK, it’s premiering at Chichester in a new version by Mike Poulton. Sean Mathias’s chamber production, moreover, stars Ian McKellen on top form as Don Antonio Barracano, a Neapolitan godfather with a twist.

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