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Sketch: The row that was hit by a slight case of amnesia

The Civil Service supports the Government. That it should do so is the law. The Government has an official position on the referendum, and that is to stay in. The problem is that half the members of the Government don’t agree with the Government

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Scottish civil servants pick up £1m tax perk

Chicken, beef and egg inspectors have had £1m of tax on personal car use picked up over the past decade by the Scottish government, according to a whistleblower who signed off many of the expenses. Charles Russell, Scotland's senior poultry officer for 21 years, told The IoS that 19 cars are allocated to low- and mid-ranking civil servants, who saved £4,000-£6,000 every year in tax as a result of this perk. These officials also include six horticultural officers and eight school inspectors.