Computer Crime

All the presidents’ emails: Mysterious hacker breaks into Bush

A criminal investigation is under way after a hacker broke into email accounts belonging to members of the Bush family and their close friends, publishing phone numbers, home security codes and a picture of George H.W. Bush during his recent hospital stay, when he was reported to be close to death.

IT specialists urged to help police

IT specialists should consider becoming police volunteers to help stop criminals trying to fleece Britons of hundreds of millions of pounds online, the Security Minister is to suggest.

Sue Akers: Her own woman

With an uncompromising performance at the Leveson Inquiry this week, the Met Police's Deputy Assistant Commissioner showed that she is not to be messed with

Easy Money, By Jens Lapidus

If you're having withdrawal symptoms after Henning Mankell wrote finis to the chronicles of Kurt Wallander, remember that it's possible to take alternative journeys down the mean streets of Swedish cities. If you're hardy enough to tackle crime narratives drenched in vitriol, grit your teeth and tackle Jens Lapidus's lacerating Stockholm Noir trilogy: Easy Money is the first volume. Lapidus paints a more cosmopolitan canvas than other writers – not to mention employing a far grimmer and more nihilistic use of the genre, with nary a comforting Swedish copper in sight.

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Corrupt Met chief Dizaei is jailed again

The most controversial policeman of the modern era, Commander Ali Dizaei, was sent back to jail in disgrace yesterday after being found guilty of corruption for a second time for trying to frame a man in a dispute over a £600 bill.