Great Barrier Reef has 'lost half its coral since 1985'

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has lost more than half its coral cover since 1985, according to a new study. The loss has been spurred by a combination of factors including hurricanes, coral-eating starfish and coral bleaching.

Portfolio: Norman Lomax

It was at a swimming pool in Weymouth that Norman Lomax first saw Sue Austin propelling herself through the water in an adapted wheelchair – and it was something of a eureka moment for him. "As a photographer," he explains, "the best stories are of ordinary people doing extraordinary things – that's what I saw here."

Colombo on course for Coventry

If conditions do not improve before Tuesday, then he might need all the navigation skills of his namesake. But it is the bookmakers who will struggle to keep their heads above water at Royal Ascot if Cristoforo Colombo can land its first major plunge on the opening day.

Oceans on brink of catastrophe

Marine life facing mass extinction 'within one human generation' / State of seas 'much worse than we thought', says global panel of scientists

24-hour room service: Coral Lodge 15.41, Mozambique

As Mozambique's tourist season gets under way, the industry will be hoping for an improvement in the country's fortune. Visitor numbers fell by 28 per cent last year, after hopes of a boost from the Fifa World Cup in South Africa failed to materialise, the global economic slump dragged on and food riots broke out in the southern African nation.

Pet Of The Week: The snowflake moray eel

A snowflake moray eel (Echidna nebulosa) – it may not strike you as being an obvious pet, but for lovers of exotic aquatic life, eels are a constant source of wonder: inquisitive, lively and beautiful. It is not to be confused with the massive conger eel that lurks in the depths and terrifies unwary scuba divers, though it shares some genetic traits with this denizen of the deep, and can grow up to a metre in length.

Coral: Lost at sea?

Coral reefs support a quarter of the world's marine life, but rising ocean temperatures are killing them. The impact of their decline could be huge, says marine biologist Olivia Durkin

Young coral 'threatened by noise pollution'

As if it's not bad enough for them with pollution, fishing by dynamiting, global warming and ocean acidification, the world's coral reefs face a new threat – from noise.

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Sea The Stars Eclipses rivals with third stellar display

The magnitude of Sea The Stars' task yesterday was such that only four horses had ever previously completed it. But the effortless insouciance with which the handsome bay colt added the Eclipse to his 2,000 Guineas and Derby victories would surely have Nashwan, Blue Peter, Diamond Jubilee and Flying Fox bowing their heads in ready welcome to the fifth member of an exclusive club.