Editorial Perhaps there really is too much coriander in Pret sandwiches

It’s 2015, and nobody complains about customer service over the phone any more; instead, you air your grievances on social media. That’s what a group of disgruntled Pret a Manger customers have done, taking to Twitter to tackle an oft-ignored issue: the quantity of coriander in packaged sandwiches.

A taste of India: Learning to cook in Kerala

Hanging upside-down off the back of a wildly bobbing boat is not the best time to do the grocery shopping. Eye-to-eye contact is, I'm told, a key to successful bartering but, like keeping my breakfast down, I'm finding it hard to maintain.

Crop stars: Farmers continue to produce quality record crops against

My stars of the year are the farmers of West Dorset, many of whom have brought in record crops this season. It's not fashionable to praise farmers. In the public eye, they have become villains. I am fed up with hearing what villains they are. Over and over again, the same vitriol is poured from the same cracked jugs: farmers are ruining the countryside; farmers are poisoning the land. The fact is, acre for acre, gardeners use far more nitrogenous fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides than farmers. Farmers can't afford to chuck the stuff around in the quantities that gardeners do. Why can we be allowed to take pleasure in a well-grown row of beans while they are vilified for a fine field of corn?

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