David Hockney

Lesley Garrett: 'I lost my voice in the middle of an opera; I thought

I was shunned by the opera world when I began appearing in musicals There is still a powerful snobbery in the opera hierarchy and because I decided to do a musical or two, such as Carousel and The Sound of Music, all the doors suddenly closed to the opera houses, which surprised me. I believe their thinking is that once a singer departed from the prescribed operatic route, they become contaminated.

Sticking to their guns

While others turned to abstraction after 1945, British painters clung to their figurative instincts. It was a polite but powerful art, says Adrian Hamilton

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Leading artists unite to oppose cuts to arts funding

Some of the country's most respected artists including David Hockney, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin yesterday lent their weight to a campaign urging the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, not to destroy the "long term" achievements of their industry by reducing arts funding.

Diving: Boy wonder is growing up but won't sink without trace

When Tom Daley hits the water in Sheffield's Ponds Forge pool as the star attraction in the Fina World Series diving final next weekend, he will no longer be the precocious boy wonder of British sport but a young man enveloped by all the trappings of superstardom.