Berlusconi's €21m villa deal with 'Mafia-linked' friend investigated

Say what you like about Silvio Berlusconi, but he looks after his friends. And the former Prime Minister's associates don't come much closer than Senator Marcello Dell'Utri, who helped to found the Forza Italia political party that carried Mr Berlusconi into office three times.

48 Hours In: Trieste

With elegant cafés, impressive sea vistas and fine architecture, this Italian city exudes heroic melancholy, says Susan Griffith

Gadget of the week - Dell Inspiron Zino HD (from £299)

Mac devotees have had the opportunity to experience no-frills computing with the Mac Mini for four years. Now PC purists have the chance to have a go too. The Inspiron Zino HD from Dell is just the thing if you already own a display, USB keyboard and mouse and don't fancy paying full whack for a whole new package. Available in 10 different hues (which each cost an extra £20), if you're willing to spend more than the basic £299 price, you can tart up this mini desktop computer and add a Blu-ray disc drive. Not bad when you consider the Mac Mini's starting price is £499, and the choice of under-the-hood additions means that you won't end up paying for any extras that you don't need. A handy buy if you're tempted to turn your living room into something approaching a multi-media hub without parking a PC on the sofa.

Too cool for school: Britain's most eco-friendly building

The loos flush using rainwater, roofs are covered with sedum plants, the building is heated using the playground and the desks are made from drainpipes. In the "living" classroom, wearing jerseys bearing the school's part-flower, part-windmill logo, a group of nine to 11-year-olds demonstrate their field skills by looking for creepy-crawlies with magnifying glasses. Imogen, a bright-eyed nine year-old, talks to me about carpets. "They're made up of tiles," she tells me authoritively. "So that when it wears out, they can replace one or two rather than the whole carpet."

FA blames new Sven stories on dirty tricks campaign

Front-page headlines yesterday alleged that the £4m-a-year coach had rekindled his affair with former FA secretary Faria Alam. The pair were said to have spent hours having intimate phone calls while he spent time in the United States in May for his team's friendly matches.