Diamond (jewellery)

Meet Lev Leviev, the billionaire who lost his sparkle in Cannes

The Carlton Intercontinental hotel on the exclusive Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes was the setting for an extraordinarily brazen diamond heist at the weekend, in which a lone gunman strolled into a jewellery exhibition taking place at the hotel and stuffed a suitcase with millions of pounds worth of Leviev diamonds before walking out. The owner of Leviev diamonds, Lev Leviev, is yet to comment on the theft. Apart from being a billionaire with an amazingly alliterative name,  just who is this wronged bling merchant?

Thieves dig up pet cemetery to steal a poodle's €9,000 diamond

For nine years, rumours have circulated of buried treasure in the world's oldest pets' cemetery west of Paris. Owners have been burying their animals at Asnieres since 1899, among them the Hollywood canine star Rin Tin Tin and Tipsy the poodle, who was reportedly laid to rest by his wealthy American mistress wearing a diamond collar worth €9,000.

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