Super 8, 111 mins, 12A

Sci-fi tale about a bunch of 1970s kids capturing an extra-terrestrial on camera is a note-perfect homage to the best work of its producer, Steven Spielberg

Close encounters with the master

As J J Abrams's homage 'Super 8' hits the screens, Ryan Gilbey reveals his own eight-point guide to building a Spielberg-inspired blockbuster

Steven Spielberg: Close encounters of a fresh kind

This summer Steven Spielberg is back in a big way. By working with new, young directors and television producers, Hollywood's most successful film-maker has reinvented himself for the 21st century, says Sarah Hughes

Spielberg drops remake of classic movie 'Harvey'

It always sounded like a stretch for a director who tends to be fascinated by action heroes, terrifying monsters, and touching historical tragedies. Now Steven Spielberg has abandoned plans for his next career-defining film to involve the exploits of a six-foot-tall imaginary rabbit.

Story of the Scene: Poltergeist (1982)

The final and cataclysmic destruction of the haunted house in Poltergeist was one of the last great model-inspired special effects before CGI became the norm. It cost well over $25,000 to make.

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