Earls Court

Would you sell so Chelsea can quit the Bridge?

Chelsea have announced that they will ask the 12,000 shareholders of Chelsea Pitch Owners to sell back the freehold of the pitch and four stands to the club in order that – should the decision to build a new stadium be taken – they can sell the Stamford Bridge site.

The Rev Prebendary Gerard Irvine: High Anglican priest whose ministry

The success of Gerard Irvine's ministry was due in part to his charm, hospitality and friendship. But underneath these there was a deep devotion to God within an Anglican Catholic framework, and a serious depth of theological learning which never became highbrow or pious. His sermons were clear, relevant and interesting to all. He was aware of, and influenced by, the Second Vatican Council; the only aspect of which he did not adopt was the idea of plain décor.

Olympic volleyball will be Earls Court swansong

For more than 70 years its striking art deco entrance has towered over the surrounding area. Millions of people have traipsed through its doors on their way to events as varied as beer festivals and the Brit Awards. But once the 2012 Olympics is over, London’s Earls Court exhibition centre will be flattened.

Competition: Win a trip to Ecuador

The Independent Traveller and Wanderlust magazine have once again teamed up to present the Travel Photo of the Year competition. The winners get the chance to see their shots printed in The Independent Traveller and Wanderlust, as well as receiving a photographic commission to Ecuador, and Nikon camera equipment.

Fashion: Spot the next Stella

Graduation to most of us meant rented gowns trimmed with itchy fake fur, worn in the summer sun while queuing up to be photographed holding a rolled-up piece of paper. These images then duly haunt you forever, gazing down from proud relatives' mantelpieces. But for fashion graduates, it's a very different story: the only gowns involved are worthy of the red carpet, and pictures are taken by catwalk pros rather than "watch the birdie" amateurs.

George Michael plays "final" major shows

George Michael told British fans he was pleased to be home when he took to the stage for one of the final shows in his two-year 25 Live Tour. The singer also revealed he planned to release a Christmas single.

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