"All seized ivory should be destroyed"

Mary Rice, executive director of the Environmental Investigation Agency, speaks on the ivory burn which is following this weekend's Giants Club Summit in Kenya, and urged people to get behind #jointheherd, the campaign spearheaded by wildlife charity WildAid

It is time to act on wildlife crime before it is too late

With international support in place from a UN General Assembly resolution and with new financial and technical commitments, it is time to increase actions being taken to conserve wildlife — including Africa’s mighty elephants

Why Botswana won’t burn illegal ivory

The nations, conservationists and business leaders of the Giants Club hold many views on how best to protect elephants. Here Tshekedi Khama, Botswana’s environment minister, explains why his country does not burn tusks


Zakouma: a life-line for Chad's elephants

Chad's Zakouma National Park has had rare success in the battle against ivory poachers. Ahead of the Giants Club Summit, park director Rian Labuschange reveals how he did it

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Elephants and art: an empowering combination

The beauty and might of the majestic African elephant has been a part of my life from when I was a  little boy growing up in Uganda. I spent my early childhood in the Masaka countryside, with my late  Paternal Grandmother. My favorite moments with her were spent sitting at her feet listening to folk tales she shared during those Kerosene Lamp lit evenings. On top of that list was the tale of  Waguludene and Wanjovu (Elephant). She did her best to keep my young mind occupied even through the  horrors of the Idi Amin 1979 war, painting a beautiful picture through her stories of a world where  man and wildlife lived in peace and harmony, with the mighty Elephant as a leader.