Exxon Mobil Corporation

The US couples who bought their own slice of Downton Abbey

In downton abbey, a wealthy American heiress rides to the rescue of a British estate's hard-up owners. Now rich viewers in the US are being invited to buy their way on to the credits of the popular ITV series, in an attempt to fill the funding gap for quality British television drama.

James Neal: Lawyer who put Jimmy Hoffa in jail and prosecuted the

James Neal, a stocky, cigar-chomping ex-Marine, won victories on both sides of the courtroom and was involved in some of America's biggest legal battles. He successfully prosecuted the Teamsters' boss Jimmy Hoffa, as well as key Nixon administration officials for conspiracy during the Watergate scandal. He also acted for the defence for the film-maker John Landis and in the Ford Pinto and Exxon Valdez cases.

Anger grows along oil-ravaged beaches as Obama visits Louisiana

One day after President Barack Obama declared at the White House that he takes responsibility for the calamity unleashed by the British energy firm BP in the Gulf of Mexico, he arrived yesterday to sample for himself the destruction of coastal eco-systems and the despair of those whose livelihoods depend on them.

No cash bonuses for top Goldman staff

The US investment bank Goldman Sachs says its 30 top managers will receive no cash bonuses this year. They will instead have to make do with shares which they will be banned from selling for five years and could lose if they fail to raise concerns over risk.

Iraqi government approves BP oil field offer

Iraq's government today approved a BP-led consortium's offer to develop a giant oil field in the south, moving forward with the only deal struck during a much-hyped but ultimately disappointing international oil auction.

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