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Tom Hodgkinson: In the face of no-phone situation my rage turned into

hen our phone went down in early February, we emailed our provider, the Phone Co-op, to ask them to fix it pronto. We live in a remote corner of Exmoor with no mobile reception, work from home and use the phone quite a lot. Now, the Phone Co-op is a lovely, friendly, ethical family company. There is some sort of co-operative element to it which I don't fully understand but which gives it an aura of non-exploitation. And you can communicate with them directly. Which is all great. But of course they don't fix the phones. That is down to another company: BT Openreach.

Basketball: France pull off overtime upset

France's women pulled off a thrilling upset against world No 2 side Australia to reach the last eight, but needed overtime after an incredible half-court buzzer-beater from Belinda Snell.

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Aintree's danger reduced but the challenge remains

Happily, the first ventures over the world's most scrutinised steeplechase obstacles since the Grand National back in April produced only the sort of summation of which Claud Cockburn would have approved: two races run at Aintree, not many fallers, none dead.

New PM faces hard battle to rescue economy

Mario Monti was appointed the new Prime Minister of Italy last night, succeeding Silvio Berlusconi and beginning the unenviable task of hauling Italy – and the euro – back from the brink.