Fiona Bruce

Language assistant scheme escapes axe

A century-old education programme has been saved from the Chancellor's cuts after the Government came under pressure from Independent readers to guarantee its funding.

Les Deux Salons, 40 William IV Street, London, WC2

It's not often I look at the menu in a new restaurant and start drooling. But suddenly, out of a clear blue sky, that's what I found myself doing at Les Deux Salons. One minute I was sliding on to a dark leather banquette, taking in the discreetly glamorous room – grand Parisian brasserie by way of Mad Men – and registering the presence at a nearby table of TV's Fiona Bruce. The next, menu in hand, I was fighting the urgent need to swallow. "I'm drooling!" I squealed, at the risk of provoking one of Ms Bruce's legendary eyebrow lifts.

BBC accused of putting antiques before ambition

Shows about antiques and curios have become so commonplace on BBC television that they are making rare artifacts of the few programmes of genuine originality and ambition that remain in the daytime schedule.