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Album review: Floraleda Sacchi, Philip Glass: Metamorphosis (Amadeus

Floraleda Sacchi's harp lends itself particularly well to the minimalist logic of Philip Glass's progressions on this anthology of transpositions, never better than on the “Opening” from Glassworks, where the bass pulse beds beautifully among the mirroring figures of the theme.

Bon Iver, Wembley Arena, London

A venue brimming with 12,000 people does not immediately appear to be the most suitable setting for a singer/songwriter who made his name with an album created in solitude, whilst holed up in a cabin in deepest Wisconsin.

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James Yorkston, Union Chapel, London

One of the several  rambling, funny tales James Yorkston tells tonight has him bumping into an old acquaintance he hasn't seen for years who, worried he's looking "a bit rough", enquires if he has a job these days. Yorkston, considering his wandering singer's life, allows him to think he's unemployed, just scraping by. He's offered a house-painting job, but can't make it as, dressed in the clothes that had him tagged as destitute, he's playing this gig.

Jack Riley: When it comes to stopping the BNP, folk music is leading

While Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time tonight is getting all the headlines, one musician has chosen today to highlight another way in which the BNP is attempting to hijack the mainstream media in order to create the veneer of respectability necessary for the party to continue its worrying growth as a political force in this country.