Foreign Policy

David E Banks Stop comparing Donald Trump to Hitler

The modern architecture of international politics is far more durable than that of 19th century, mediated as it is through institutions such as NATO, the WTO, and the UN. Yet this architecture is still fundamentally dependent one key principle: that the US can be trusted

Syrian rebels seek missile supply

Syrian opposition figures will push at a donor conference in London today for the provision of anti-aircraft missile systems to repel President Bashar al-Assad's devastating airstrikes, as momentum builds to adjust a European Union arms embargo.

Romney's gaffe-laden jaunt will not affect his chances

Read the headlines and it was the candidate's foreign trip from hell: a succession of mishaps capped by an expletive-laden tirade from an exasperated aide to an equally exasperated group of reporters. In fact, Mitt Romney's foray to Britain, Israel and Poland is likely to have only the tiniest impact on his chances of winning the White House in November.

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